Stamped Polymer Clay Hearts

Christmas is behind us and February is quickly approaching, which, of course, means the next holiday…

Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s Day happens to fall directly between my birthday and my daughter’s birthday.  Needless to say, February is a busy month for us (don’t forget Groundhog’s Day)! 

But, despite the busyness we always enjoy making a little something for Valentine’s day to give to our family and friends.  To us, it’s less about the presents and more about the sharing our love with those who we love.

Of course, those gifts are made even more special when they are made by little hands.  This year we’ve made some clay hearts to give out to show our love…Stamped polymer clay heartsThese were simple and fun to make, and the kids could make them all by themselves, I helped only with some spelling and at the end with attaching chains and ribbons, etc.

Supplies needed:  polymer clay, heart cookie cutters, alphabet stamps Supplies
To make:  Roll small amount of clay into a small ball, flatten with the heal of your hand, roll with rolling pin to desired thickness.  Using your cookie cutter cut heart shape out of clay disc.  Have kids stamp their special message into both the heart and the cut out clay as well. Making hearts collagePoke holes into stamped hearts if desired for jewelry or hanging.  Bake according to package instructions. 

After clay hearts are baked use them for a variety of fun and thoughtful gifts to give:  necklaces, bracelets, wrapping presents, hanging, tucking secretly into pockets… What to make with hearts

or simply just to hand to a friend or loved one to show them how much you care… Give heartsYour kids will love rolling and playing with the polymer clay.  They will have fun coming up with messages to stamp and practicing their spelling.  The love and care put into each little heart will shine through and each will be unique and truly special!

Enjoy, the love!

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