DIY Cork Boards and Pushpins, Back to School Gift to Stay Organized…

It’s back to school time!  Some of you have already been back for a week or more, for some this is your first week back and others, still have a couple of weeks of summer to go.  Wherever your first day lands I’m sure we are all on the same page when it comes to one thing…

Must stay organized!

It’s hard to keep up with al of the paper work that comes home from school no matter what grade you are in.  Not to mention reminders of homework, appointments, activities, library books, etc…

Why not help your children get a jump on keeping it all in order and make them a cute cork board and matching pushpins.


You could even give it to them as a small and helpful back to school “gift”!  It’ll help them to stay organized, remember important things, and be personalized just for them!  Plus bonus, maybe help you cut back a teeny-tiny bit on nagging them about what they need to get done.


Supplies needed to get started…

roll of cork (found at office supply or craft stores), paint, permanent markers, craft knife, glue, pushpins, polymer clay

To make your cork board…

My cork roll was pretty thin so I glued two pieces together to start (you may even choose to glue 3 pieces together depending on the thickness of your cork).  Trace or draw your design onto your cork and then carefully cut out your design with a craft knife.  After your design has been cut out make sure all layers are still securely glued together (you may have cut off some of the glued parts when cutting out your design).  Next add some details to your cork board using either permanent markers or acrylic paint.

Cork board Collage

To make pushpins…

Use polymer clay to make pushpin “toppers”.  I made small apples for the tree and tiny feathers for the owl.  Bake your clay shapes according to package instructions.  Once they are cool glue (I used e600 glue, but hot glue might work as well) your shapes to the tops of your pushpins…

Pushpin Collage

Tuck your pushpins into a little tin lined with a bit of scrap cork, add a fun label (mine are here) …

Tin collage

And now you’ve got a fun and personalized gift to give to your favorite student, whether they are starting Kindergarten or College!


The perfect addition to any child’s room.

Have fun with it and get creative!  Try a soccer ball or baseball, or perhaps an initial, or a tiny house, really the sky is the limit!

Here’s to a great school year!  And a well organized one!

Need some more back to school DIY ideas…try these chalkboard snack bags or this morning routine sticker chart!

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  1. Seriously adorable!