5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, but find yourself waiting until you have hours of time to sit and do it? By then, does the pile of photos with no home seem overwhelming to you? I’m back with an update on the Michaels Make Every Moment Count blogger challenge, and I thought I would share some tips for scrapbooking in small pockets of time for the busy scrapbooker who is on-the-go! 

Make Every Moment Count

1. Use a SMASH™ book 

These are fantastic time savers because you aren’t starting with a completely blank page, but they offer plenty of space to make the pages your own. I especially love the SMASH books that include a fine black marker attached to the book with elastic. On the opposite end of the marker is a glue stick, making it super easy to attach ticket stubs, magazine clippings, or other items into your scrapbook without having to hunt down aforementioned marker or glue!

5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

2. Keep Embellishments to a Minimum

A sheet or two of canvas stickers is plenty. Remember the object is to get the photos and momentos into the scrapbook along with any journal notes to help save those precious memories. Add the embellishments later when you have more time.

5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

3. Washi Tape

Don’t have time for glue to dry? Try using washi tape instead. This tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and the rolls are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It’s very easy to tear the tape with your hands, so no scissors are necessary. Also, the washi tape can double as frames when used as an outline around a photo or quote.

5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

4. Record a Memory Once a Day

This will help keep the “photos to be scrapbooked some day” pile to a minimum if you do a little bit each day. Jot down a quote, staple in a small envelope for keepsakes, or print out an Instagram photo. 

5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

5. Copy & Paste

For super quick journal elements to add to your scrapbook, consider copying text from an existing corresponding email, Tweet, Facebook update, or text message. You may find that many times the words are right there already — just waiting to be added to your scrapbook!

5 Tips for Scrapbooking in Small Pockets of Time

Have fun!!

Do you have a time saving tip for scrapbooking that I forgot to add? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

michaelslogosmallA BIG thank you to Michaels® for providing me with plenty of art and craft supplies, and for inviting me to participate in the Make Every Moment Count blogger challenge! All opinions are my own.