Homemade Gift: Sheet Music Art

 Such a sweet gift idea for a music lover! Or anyone who has their name in a song --- you could even do this with your wedding song!

Looking for the perfect gift for the music lover in your life?  How about something thoughtful, sentimental, and handmade?  I’ve got just the craft for you, something even very young children can create.  This sheet music art is sure to be a cherished gift for years to come.

A music teacher would love such a memento, maybe you could use the music she first taught you.  Or perhaps a grandparent is a big Beatles fan.  From classical to punk rock, from musician to concert goer, this gift fits the bill.  

sheet music art - super simple handmade gift idea

DIY Sheet Music Art

You’ll need:

  • sheet music
  • watercolors
  • frame

How to:

1. Photocopy or print an enlarged portion of sheet music.  If possible, use the gift recipient’s favorite song.

2.  Have your little one paint the sheet with watercolors.  For very little children you might want to give them one color at a time to avoid a brown mess.

3.  Allow to dry.

4.  Frame and gift!

 I hope you enjoy creating and giving this simple yet special gift.  I’m sure whoever is lucky enough to receive it will love it! 

Happy giving!