Teach Kids Kindness Book and Craft Activity

We are focusing on kindness in our family this year and one of our favorite books has been Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.  It is a sweet story that teaches kids about being kind to others by doing things to “fill their buckets”.

Bucket Filler Craft and Book for Kids!

In the story McCloud talks about how we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around with us that hold all the good feelings we have about ourselves.  When people are kind to us they help to fill our bucket and when they are cruel they bucket dippers.  

She explains to kids that you can fill your bucket by helping to be a bucket filler for someone else, but that the reverse doesn’t work.  You can never fill your bucket by dipping into someone else’s.

Be a Bucket Filler!  Kindness book and craft for kids!

We came up with a fun craft activity to help us practice being bucket fillers.  We used permanent markers and foam stickers to decorate buckets with pictures and objects that reminded us about being kind.  Then we chose people whose buckets we wanted to fill and made them special cards about why we appreciated them.

Teach Kids About Kindness--Book and Activity for Kids!

 Then we put the notes in our buckets and set off to be bucket fillers!  Filling a bucket is a great way to visualize how our actions affect others and is a great lesson for kids…and adults! 

Have you filled a bucket today?  Share in the comments!


  1. Oh Megan, I love this! We’ve never read this book, but we talk about how empty or full our “love tanks” are in our house. This would be a fantastic way to visualize that — going to look for it on our library trip next week! Thanks.

  2. Such a wonderful approach! Love it!

  3. I love this idea! Such a simple way to teach kids to think about how other people are feeling. We are definitely getting this book at the library!

  4. Emma you’re right! The visual really works with kids and is a great way to get them excited about being bucket fillers too!