5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Every year (but one) for the past five years we have held a Paint your own Pumpkin Party.  It’s a fun, non-birthday, reason for us to gather together with our friends during our favorite season.  We hold the party outside and enjoy the crunch of leaves under our feet and the cool autumn breezes.  It’s an easy and casual way to entertain, not to mention a great reason to make all sorts of yummy fall and pumpkiny treats!

This year’s party is quickly approaching and I thought that, since I’m already in planning mode, I would share a few tips for hosting your own Pumpkin Painting Party!

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Tip #1:  Stick to Pumpkins…

October is such a festive month between fall decor and Halloween you can easily feel overwhelmed by your decor.  I say keep it simple by sticking with just pumpkins.  Of course you may already have some Halloween decorations up, but when planning the party stick with simple orange plates, napkins, & cups (*bonus, solid colors can more easily be used for other occasions).  And decorate with pumpkins

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

No need to worry yourself with scary Halloween decor as well…

Tip #2:  Gather your supplies…

We call it a “paint your own pumpkin” party but we supply some other craft supplies in addition to paint.  The painting part is fun, of course, but it usually takes a while for the paint to dry (especially when you are using washable paints) so, for those who want more of an instant gratification project we have other supplies as well…

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Try putting out feathers, pompoms, glitter glue, foam stickers, paper leaves, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, washi tape and sticker gems… I use inexpensive bins, buckets and containers that I find in the Target $1 section to keep them sorted and well organized.

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

The kids (and adults) will have a blast figuring out just the right way to use these goodies to create their very own, unique pumpkin!

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Tip #3:  Have other festive activities for your guests to enjoy as well…

As I mentioned before, there will be a bit of dry time involved with the decorated pumpkins so why not give your guests some other fun things to do in the mean time…

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Make your own pumpkin bean bag toss using an old box or add white and yellow duct tape to orange cones to make candy corn cones for an obstacle course or another toss game.  Make a “pumpkin patch” with orange balloons, have the kids run around and pop them to reveal surprises inside!  Make your own festive fall photo booth props to take pictures of your guests.  Or, make your own pumpkin pie play dough (just add pumpkin pie spice to your favorite homemade play dough recipe), put out rolling pins and cookie cutters and let the kids pretend to make their own pies and cookies!

Tip #4:  Keep the menu simple, but well balanced…

It’s easy to get excited about treats when planning a party, but don’t forget to offer some healthier options as well, like these “jack o’clementines (sharpie on clementines)…

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

We usually go simple with a few crock pots going of chili (vegetarian and not) and squash soup.  And then as far as treats go…apple crisp, pumpkin muffins, and orange (white chocolate melts) covered pretzels are always favorite treats!  Just make sure the menu is make ahead and self serve, that way you can enjoy the party too!

Tip #5:  BYOP…

This is a big one!  Have your guests bring their own pumpkins (byop).  The first year we threw this party we provided the pumpkins…

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party
Save yourself the stress of worrying whether or not you will have too many or too few pumpkins and let your guests bring their own pumpkins.  It will save you a ton of money and stress.  Plus, your guests won’t mind at all bringing their own, they will be happy for the craft supplies and food!  I do, however, typically have a few extra pumpkins on hand just in case someone forgets.

So, now are you ready to host your own Paint your own Pumpkin Party?  I’ve got the perfect way to get started, a free printable invitation (download here)

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Simply fill in your details, and you are all set…

5 Tips for Hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party

Enjoy!  And, Happy Fall!


  1. I love pumpkin painting parties – great tips!

  2. We also do this every year. We meet with a large group of friends in the late morning and caravan to a pumpkin patch and all the kids get the pumpkin patch experience together. We then return to our house and order pizzas (it is easier to order pizzas as this is a large event and we are busy all day) and serve potluck fall themed desserts and drinks for the adults and kids. It is an all day event and usually runs into the evening when we all vote on our favorite 3 pumpkins and the winners get prizes. It is our favorite event of the year 😀 Have fun!!

  3. Planning a PPP for my daughters bday / slash house warming and these ideas are just great.
    Thank you for sharing them and your pictures!